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Passionate Juicing’s Background

It’s Getting Juicy Here

It all began when I decided to improve my health by juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. I was amazed by how good I felt after drinking the nutritious and delicious juices. They were sweet, tangy, refreshing, and colorful.  My husband to join me in this journey, so I made him some juices too. He loved them and became a fan of juicing as well.


One day, I offered my friends some of my homemade juices. They were impressed by the taste and quality of the juices and asked me where I bought them. I told them that I made them myself with a juicer and fresh produce. They were surprised and curious about how I did it. They asked me if I could make some juices for them too.

I agreed to make some juices for my friends and they paid me for my service. I was happy to share my passion for juicing with others and make some money at the same time. Soon, word spread about my juices and more people started asking me to make juices for them. I realized that I had a potential business opportunity in my hands.

My sister was so impressed, she became an investor and sent fresh Mangoes from Florida. She became the inspiration behind Yolanda's Mango Madness- Juice.

However, it was not easy to balance my juicing business with my other responsibilities. I had to buy more ingredients, equipment, containers, and labels. I had to find time to make the juices, deliver them, and collect payments. I had to deal with customer feedback, requests, and complaints. I had to learn about marketing, accounting, and legal issues.


I was overwhelmed by the challenges but also motivated by the rewards. I saw how my juices improved the health and happiness of my customers. I received positive reviews and referrals from satisfied customers. I earned enough income to support myself and my family. I was proud of what I had accomplished.


My business grew into a local favorite called Passionate Juicing. It is a small minority-owned business that offers 100% pure juices free from added sugar and preservatives. My goal is to expand my business to more locations and reach more customers. I also want to educate people about the benefits of juicing and inspire them to follow their passions.


That is my story of how Passionate Juicing came to be. Thank you for reading it and I hope you enjoyed it.

Linda McGriff

Tropical fruit
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